Sell your Hybrid Electric Vehicle - Roscoe's Junk Cars

You have an old, wrecked, or broken-down Hybrid or EV to get rid of. Selling it to Roscoe's is a great option to get cash for it, fast.

Most salvage yards refuse these vehicles or require that the main hybrid or EV battery be removed before it arrives. 

Roscoe's is different. We offer cash for ALL makes and models of Hybrid and Electric Battery Powered Cars Trucks & Vans. 

Every great business has a niche, and for us, it's hybrid and electric vehicles. While we do wholesale all makes and models to junkyards, We believe electric-powered vehicles are the future. For this reason. we specialize in the removal, reuse, and recycling of Hybrid and Electric Cars & Trucks specifically.

We pay Cash for Hybrid and Electric Cars.

Many of your neighbors chose to save time by having Roscoe's come to them to get cash for their electric car. We make it easy to get a quote online or by phone.

Because we completely dismantle, reuse or recycle individual battery cells, we are able to pay you for hybrid and electric vehicles when other salvage yards may charge you a fee. 

shot up junk prius hybrid

Selling an unwanted junk hybrid electric to Roscoe's is easy. No need to tow your EV to us, Roscoe's will come to you. We are a local family business that has specialized in this service for over a decade. We maintain an A+ Rating with the BBB allowing you to call with Confidence. 

Sell that battery-powered car to Roscoe's Today

Fill out our simple quote request form or give us a call to get a quote for your EV/Hybrid. Our driver will come to you at the set time and make the cash payment on the spot. After we do the DMV paperwork with you the vehicle will be towed away immediately. 

-CASH offers for Hybrid / Electric  Cars.

-Roscoe's Comes to you YOU. 

-Cash for cars paid on the spot. 

-We tow the EV away immediately.

Used hybrid and electric vehicle parts.

Used auto parts from hybrid and electric vehicles are in high demand. However, disposal of the large battery packs associated with them often offset any possible profit at a traditional junkyard. Roscoe's has worked hard to find multiple ways to reuse and recycle individual parts of these batteries and the vehicles they come in. Because we specialize in end-of-life vehicles, complete used battery packs are rarely if ever available from us. Other parts however are. Our parts department can be reached at 804-372-7786 if you have any questions about used hybrid or electric vehicle parts.