Who exactly is Roscoe’s?

Unlike most national or even regional salvage referral services, Roscoe’s Junk Cars is more then a website and a call center. Our roots are in on the ground dirty hands and muddy boots junk car salvage work. By combining excellent customer service with ethical business practices, we were able to find success buying and recycling unwanted vehicles in our service area. We decided that the best way to get our way of doing business into more areas was going to be by partnering with other hauling companies in surrounding areas. Instead of just “selling our leads” from anyone trying to sell a car to anyone else wanting to buy cars we would put together a list of requirements. At Roscoe’s we make sure that the companies we partner with are customer service oriented, licensed to do what they do, and demonstrate ethical business practice. Likewise it was decided that we ensure that the leads we send to them are from legitimate owners of vehicles that are serious and ready to sell. In addition to leads we help our partners get the most from each vehicle they purchase resulting in consistent higher prices paid to the consumers they purchase from. We like to think we are the best at what we do and we hope you will agree.



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