Mad at your Car? GET PAID to GET EVEN!

Has your rides get up and go, got up and went? Did your friends stop laughing at your car out of genuine pity? Need a way to regain your dignity and some cash too? Turn that eyesore into income with a call to Roscoe's. We pay cash for cars in ANY condition, even yours. 

-OLD junk cars.

-RUSTY trucks.

-We will even buy a KIA! 

crappy junk car hanging from a claw

Stop spending your time waiting for tow trucks and your money at repair shops.

axe in car hood

Stop playing nice, Call Roscoe's, we will give you CASH and Kill your car!

hearse at the car crusher

We won't do anything weird with your car. We do have boundaries.


creepy doll chevette

Classy Professionals you can trust to treat your car exactly the way it deserves to be treated. 

junk civic under truck

If your vehicle is too embarrassing to talk about, you are welcome to use our impersonal online form to request a quote. We will only call you back to deliver the quote and schedule a time for a driver to come buy your car.

If you just can't wait and it just needs to go NOW, for the fastest response give us a call at 1-800-416-6227

Don't let our silly ads fool you, Roscoe's Junk Cars is a licensed professional salvage dealer. We have made a reputation for ourselves as a reliable buyer of unwanted vehicles by consistently paying exactly what we advertise for "junk cars" and making sure we are on time for every appointment. All paperwork for DMV is handled by us and the tow-away is always free.  Call Now! 1-800-416-6227