Raise funds easily by accepting vehicle donations.

If you are part of a nonprofit you understand the importance of reliable fundraising. Most fundraising operations require a lot of time for your volunteers and resources from contributors to make happen. Consider this alternative.

-Just about everyone owns a car.

-Nobody likes to deal with selling a vehicle.

-Everyone appreciates a tax deduction.

cash for donated cars

Keeping all this in mind you can see where it is attractive for someone to donate their car to charity and it will be just as beneficial for your charity to accept the vehicle donations.

How to fundraise by accepting vehicle donations for your nonprofit organization.

Accepting donated cars sounds good. You want your 501c3 charity to benefit from the fundraising possibilities of accepting vehicle donations but where do you start? 

Most donated vehicles will need to be towed, They also need to be stored somewhere until they can be sold. How will the titles get handled? How much time does this consume?

Roscoe's Specializes in turning end-of-life and unwanted cars into cash quickly. We are excited to be able to put our unique process to work for your charity or organization. 

Vehicle Donation Fundraising Made Easy.

Add to your fundraising without adding hassle or expense. Roscoe's has a program in place designed to take the hassle out of accepting donated cars trucks and vans for charities & non-profits. The process is simple. An individual or business has a vehicle they would like to donate to your charity. A representative from Roscoe's will pick up the vehicle on behalf of your charity. While there the driver will do the DMV title work with the customer and provide a receipt to the customer for the donation before towing the vehicle away. 

how to fundraise with vehicle donations

How does Roscoe's turn old cars into funds for our charity?

All vehicles get accessed to determine the best way to sell the vehicle. Old broken down or wrecked cars go through our normal junk car process and we write a check to your charity Immediately for these.

Nicer vehicles go through our online auction platform. In our auto auction, we charge no traditional seller fees to the charity. Instead, we charge a 10% buyers premium to the purchaser only, to cover normal auction expenses. 100% of the sale price (minus outside towing fees*) will go straight to your charity. 

*If a vehicle is nice enough to be auctioned but still has to be towed we charge a nominal fee to cover this expense, typically $75 or less and it is only charged AFTER a vehicle is sold. Yep, this is the only "fine print" item we need to have! 🙂

-All purchase transactions are handled by us.

-All receipts are handled by us.

-All towing is handled by us.

-All storage is handled by us.

-All sales are handled by us.

-All DMV Title work is handled by us.

-All you have to do is accept the checks!

Get started with a quick call to the number below. We will be happy to meet with your board to discuss the process in detail.

We have done our homework on this process and you should too. Accepting vehicle donations is a simple process from a documentation point of view but it does have to be done consistently and correctly. It's important to know your rights as a 501c3 as well as your responsibilities to doners that may be expecting their donation to be tax-deductible. While Roscoe's, as an agent of your organization, happily accepts responsibility for all these tasks it is important for you to be aware of what takes place when it takes place and why. A good place to start is this Document provided by the IRS that covers the rules and regulations from the perspective of a registered 501c3 organization.  https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/p4302.pdf

Is your organization not a registered 501c3? We have specific programs for you as well. Give us a call and we will happily meet with you to discuss options. 804-569-5999