Donate Your Car @ Roscoe's

You have a vehicle you want to donate but want to make sure it goes to a good cause and can result in a tax deduction for you. 

Not all "charities" are truely nonprofit and to make matters more confusing not all charities are equipped to deal with vehicle donations themselves. 

Roscoe's simplifies the process by picking up the vehicle on behalf of any 501c3 nonprofit and providing a receipt for your donation. 

Support a Charity and protect the Environment.

Roscoe's makes it as easy as possible to donate your car without any hassle or delays. Not only does our process make it easy for you, but we also take the heavy lifting off the non-profit as well. Our team handles the entire process from pick up to the assessment of the vehicle as well as resale. This allows our partner non-profits to focus on their mission instead of on the ins and outs of selling a car. 

donate your car

Donate ANY car regardless of condition.

Worried about the condition of your car? Don't be! Roscoe's accepts vehicle donations in ANY condition. We are equipped to handle anything from higher-end vehicle donations that need to go for retail sale or auction as well as broken down junk cars that will have to be pushed pulled or towed to the junkyard. 

Most vehicle donations are tax-deductible.

Give us a call or fill out the vehicle donation form to schedule a pickup or to get answers to any questions you may have. We will set a specific pickup time and date. When our driver arrives they will go over the DMV paperwork with you and provide a receipt for your donation. The car will then be towed away and we will handle the rest from there. 

-Pick your Charity.

-Schedule a pickup time.

-We come to YOU. 

-We handle the DMV paperwork,

-You get a receipt for your donation. 

-We tow the car away immediately.

At Roscoe's we have done our homework on this process and you should too. It's important to understand that not all vehicle donations are tax-deductible. When a vehicle donation is tax-deductible there is specific documentation required to ensure that you can include that deduction on your taxes. While Roscoe's, as an agent of our partner 501c3 organizations, provides all of the necessary documentation it is important to also educate yourself so you have a better understanding of what documents are needed when they are filled out and why. An excellent guide that explains the process from a donor perspective can be found here.